…we’ll be in Atlanta!


  • I’m actually in the midst of writing a couple of posts!
  • I braved two different malls today.  And was reminded why I like to shop online.  They really weren’t that bad, but they were bad enough.
  • It has been around 21 degrees when I walked the boys to school the past two mornings.  Whoa.
  • Wool socks are a. maze. ing.  I may be a permanent convert.  My toes were WARM on the walk to and from school this morning!  WARM. MY toes.  I know, some of you are staring at your monitors with slackened jaws at this very moment.  (My fingers, on the other hand…er, I mean, however…not so warm.  Brr.)
  • Our holiday cards came yesterday.  (I ordered them from Winkflash this year.)  They look great, and I’ll post the jpg after I’ve sent them all out and given them time to arrive at their destinations.
  • It’s totally worth it to pay the Postal Service $1.00 to mail me stamps this time of year.
  • I still have to get to the post office, though, to return something to Woot, and to send a certain package to a certain family whose name starts with O and who live in a state that starts with O.
  • I ordered chains for my car today!  In doing so, I learned how to read the code on the sidewall of my tires.  (Thank goodness for Google.)  I have 14″ tires.