Happy 12th, everyone!  Today was one of my favorite days.  I am loving December this year…

11:50 am – Family errands.  Here, we’re on the hunt for some giftable goodies.  Mmmm, Pfeffernüsse…

12:47 pm – After a highly (ahem) nutritious fast food lunch, we head to our next exciting stop: the grocery store.

1:50 pm – Mission accomplished.

2:28 pm – The best photo I’ve gotten of the tree yet!

3:46 pm – Dinner about to go in for Phase II of the cooking.  I’m not always much of a pork fan, but this was excellent.

4:43 pm – Lights, and their reflections in my car roof.  (Yes, a strand is out.  It might get fixed this year; it might not.)

4:44 pm – Fun with the camera!  (Or, “Lights & Camera Action.”)

4:46 pm – May I introduce Betty, my new toy?  She is a Dell Inspiron Mini 10V.  She is so stinkin’ cute, especially with her new ink.  (She’s young & a tad impetuous, Betty is.)

5:33 pm – It is the Wii-kend after all.  (Just please don’t tell them that the word “week” has the ‘Wii’ sound in it, too.)

7:27 pm – The candles in the menorah kept us company…

7:36 pm – …while we watched Christmas movies.  This was the kids’ first time seeing Miracle.  (They loved it!)

8:37 pm – “Buffalo gals, won’t you come out tonight?”

Thanks, as always, to Chad for envisioning and continuing the monthly 12!