• Aside from a few stocking stuffers (and I know exactly where I’m going to get them tomorrow), I think I’m really, truly done with Christmas shopping.  Wow.
  • And the holiday cards have been sent out, too.
  • I’m really behind on laundry, though.
  • I’m miffed at Amazon.  Or maybe just at Amazon’s suppliers, but, yeah, kinda Amazon.  Kalen picked out the coolest gift for Nicky three weeks ago, and today they told us that it won’t be available, possibly ever, so order cancelled.  Thankfully, Michaels and Rite Aid came through with really great replacements, which he’ll probably like even better than the original gift.  So there, Amazon.
  • I’m pretty thrilled with Michaels and Rite Aid.
  • It’s raining.
  • We haven’t watched A Christmas Story yet this year.  I may have to push for it for tonight.
  • Thanks to the aforementioned trip to Michaels, I get to play with glitter this afternoon.  First time in years!