• A friend and I went to The Container Store today (It’s elfa sale time, people!) and, for the first time since I worked there, I was not at all tempted to straighten the products on the shelves.  It’s only taken about twenty months.
  • I realized upon opening the trunk in the parking garage that we forgot to give the boys the saucer-sled-thingies we bought them for Christmas.  Not that we’ve needed them yet.
  • I deserve many, many pats on the back.  We also went to Pier 1, where I bought only the on-clearance little stocking-stuffery doo-dads I went for.  I resisted 50% off Christmas decorations, 50% off artwork, 50% off candles, and dozens of other 50% off decor items.  I spent a grand total of $3.  Seriously, big pats on the back.
  • I really, really wanted this.  It would be perfect leaned against the wall on top of the antique bookcase that was my great-grandfather’s.  Okay, it would be almost perfect.  The colors aren’t right.  I’m seriously considering making one myself.
  • Due to Spring Break arrangements, I need to research passports or passport cards for the kids.  Vancouver should be fun directly after the Olympics have ended!  (Or a complete let-down, but whatever…it’ll be my first trip to Canada, and the boys’ first trip out of the U.S., so we’ll make it fun even if all the Vancouverians are sick of foreigners by then.)
  • Do you think they’ll let me take a trip down the bobsled track if I ask nicely??