• Post-It has tabs!  Le sigh.
  • Last week, we found Jason’s neckties*.  He kept out three or four for interviewing, but the rest were packed up almost a year ago.  Although they were packed pretty well, they weren’t packed well enough to handle a year in storage and a move across country.  They are ALL wrinkled horribly.  How does one press a silk tie without creasing the edges?  One doesn’t.  One holds one’s breath while one passes a steamy iron closely over (not on!) said tie, hoping water doesn’t drip out.  (Which it will.)  Then one gets smart and puts a thin dish towel between the tie and the iron, so water drips are no longer a concern.  Steam without touching, then quickly remove towel and finger press.  Victory!  Four ties down, ten-plus to go.
  • Baby Thomas is getting a new cousin this spring.  It’s a girl!  What should I make for her?
  • Nicolas has decided he wants to join the school choir.  Yes!!!  We were very good; we didn’t pressure him.  I will, however, admit to indirect pressure in the form of waylaying the music teacher whenever I saw her at school.  Every time, she said she’d like to have him in choir, to which I always responded, “So would we; please encourage him!”  She handed him another permission form after complimenting his singing last week (I think this was the fourth form), and he’s been convinced.
  • I think we’re finally going to paint the master bedroom this weekend!  We’ve had the paint for months.

I’m linking this post up to DIY Day at A Soft Place to Land, in hopes of saving a few people from my frantic “How to Press a Silk Tie” Googling expedition of last week.