• My friend/college buddy/savior who kept me singing [mostly] in key during many a Chorale performance*, Beth, emailed me this morning to talk about fabric for a pelmet.  Goody!  I think she’s going with this one, and I’m excited for her, and a little jealous, because it’s gorgeous and inexpensive, and I don’t have any rooms it would work in.  Except maybe this one…unpacked moving boxes are just the right shade of brown to coordinate with that natural background, don’t you think?  (Plus, hello, it’s fire retardant!  That’s one worry right off the list.  No flaming pelmet at Beth’s house, no ma’am.)
  • Thrifting find of the day: at the thrift store next door to the drug store where Kalen’s prescription was being filled (I know, dangerous, right?), I found a vintage Flower Fashioner™ for 99 cents.  (U.S. Pat. #2,651,422 – 1953 – how cool!)  I have grand hopes for beautious floral arrangements.  I’ll keep you posted.

Hasn’t it held up beautifully over the past 50-ish years?

  • Mom and Dad are coming to visit in a few weeks.  I’m so excited, mostly to see them, but also because it gives me a nice little kick in the pants to get some things accomplished around the house.
  • Speaking of which, I have to make a great big to do list!  I love lists.  How do you think I should organize it?  Order of importance, or room by room?  I’m leaning towards room by room, because I tend to think geographically, and it’s hard to prioritize a whole house at once.
  • I am thoroughly obsessed with this song right now.  I listen to it over and over in the car and sing it all day long in my head.  Love the piano in it.  Someone in the YouTube comments mentioned wanting it played at their funeral.  What a great idea.  (Take note, Honey.)

*I fully admit to having slouched dramatically several times during riser assignments to take off the three inches of height separating Beth and me.  Not only is she an excellent singer (which helps my pretty darned poor pitch), she’s a lot of fun, too – and a gem for having put up with standing next to someone with pretty darned poor pitch for several years.