Just showing off one of my favorite Christmas presents this year.  Mom found this key at a bead show + Mom knows I have a thing for antique keys = Aimee gets a necklace for Christmas.  (Yay!)

How cool is that?  The artist works the glass around the key while it’s over the flame.  Lovely!

Mom packaged it for me without a chain, with the thought that I would choose a cord from her stash after I opened it.  When we saw her new gunmetal wire next to the key, though, we knew it was perfect, and she spent several hours making me a custom chain.

At the risk of repeating myself, I ask again: How cool is that?  Not only did she make the varying rings sizes like I envisioned, she used a hook closure, so I can adjust the length, and attached the key to the chain with hooks, so I can move it to the center after lengthening or shortening the chain.  Ingenious.

Merry Christmas to me!