• Ice dancing costumes can be seriously distracting from what should be a beautiful performance.  (Bee Gees, anyone?)  I loved the simplicity of the Canadians‘ outfits last night.  Davis & White‘s were nice, too.
  • I’m about 65% finished with my knit scarf.  I should finish in plenty of time for my Olympic goal!
  • We’re in the midst of planning a 10th birthday party.  10!  I know, I’ve mentioned this before, but my little, teeny, one-and-a-half pound baby is going to be TEN in a month.  Sheesh.
  • This also means that I’m going to be 35 next week.  Growing older doesn’t bother me.  Age is, after all, a state of mind.  What does bother me is that 35 is when one gets one’s baseline mammogram.  Not looking forward to my first Big Squish.
  • We took Mom and Dad up to see Snoqualmie Falls on Saturday and were lucky enough to get a perfectly gorgeous day.  I got a few shots that are really tempting me to open Photoshop and have a little fun.
  • Cancer sucks.  (And because I know someone will ask, I’m not referring to anyone in the family in this particular instance…a friend of a friend.  Hell, many family, and family of friends, and friends, and friends of friends. Cancer sucks shit.)