It’s that time again!

8:28 am – It’s 50’s day at school!  That curl gets me…

11:28 am – (Yep, I’d forgotten until now that it’s the 12th.  Oops.)  Woot shares vintage Sesame Street songs.

12:01 pm – Two little guys I crocheted last week.  Ollie’s on the left, and on his way to his new home.  Guy (pronounced in the French style) is on the right.

1:13 pm – Back from a quick trip to the library.  Look for some more Aimee Reads in the near future!

1:13 pm – I found the box of vintage sheet music last weekend.  Most of the pieces in this pile belonged to my grandmother.  They have her maiden name written on them, which was then crossed out and replaced with her married name.  When It’s Springtime in the Rockies actually has my great-grandmother’s name handwritten on it!

1:54 pm – Package wrapped up and ready to ship to L.A.

2:29 pm – I was sitting at my desk, when the room suddenly became VERY dark.  The sky had gone from brightly overcast to this in seconds.

2:32 pm – Hello, my name is Aimee, and I have a paper problem.

3:12 pm – Much better!  Just stuff to be shredded now.

3:30 pm – Met up with my friend J at school.  LOVE her sparkly Converse!

5:59 pm – I just love waiting on hold.

6:46 pm – Gelled hair for 50’s Day + Dad messing with you = Young Einstein

Have a great March, everyone!  Check out other 12’s here.