Or, rather, Aimee Doesn’t Read Steamed.  As I mentioned last week, I struggled with whether or not to write about this book.  I certainly don’t want to hurt any authors’ feelings; they get enough crap from real critics and certainly don’t need Jane Q. Public adding to the fire.  However, I decided it wouldn’t be fair if I just posted about my favorites, and as my friend Sheri pointed out, it may pique someone’s interest who ends up loving it.  That would thrill me, so please click on the link to the blurb, and if it sounds like it’s up your alley, give it a go!

Pertinent Info

Steamed by Katie MacAlister (Signet, 2010)
(Blurb here)
I began it March 1, 2010

Why’d I Read It?

A friend who knows how much I love the Steampunk aesthetic recommended it to me.  She raved about Katie MacAlister’s other books and told me this one, a “steampunk romance,” was coming out.  And look at that cover!!  You know I’m a sucker for a gorgeous cover.  I was excited about this one.

What I Thought

Well, I never made it past page 16.

I always have to take a page or two to get used to a first person narrative, but just a page or two.  This one wasn’t doing it for me at all.  Since my friend raves about the author’s previous work (and had similar feelings to mine about this particular book), I assume my problem is with these particular characters’ voices.  (Alternating first person from chapter to chapter.)

Favorite Lines

Okay, you got me; I have no favorites.  But the second line of the book might set the tone: “Is that a molecular detector in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?”  I applaud the odd cliché here and there as a way to laugh at oneself and one’s genre, but that one’s pushing it for me, especially when it’s closely followed by a reference to “What happens in Vegas…”

Would I Recommend It?

Nope.  (But, MAN that cover’s gorgeous, isn’t it??)