The boys often tell me they “can’t” do something, because they’re “not good” at it.  My response is always the same: practice.  Practice, practice, practice.  If you want to be good at something, do it over and over.  It’s advice I haven’t always been so good at following.

Except when I love what i’m doing, of course.  Enter photography.  Cameras = fun, especially once you start learning their ins and outs.  Time to enter another challenge, this one at I Heart Faces.  The theme?  Desserts.

Food photography is challenging…mostly, at least in my case, because I don’t have the equipment to handle poor interior lighting.  Well, that’s an easy enough fix when you have a backyard, isn’t it?  Here’s my entry, with thanks to whomever sent chocolate chip cookies home with Nicolas last week:

Have fun clicking through the rest of the entries here.  Consider yourselves warned: if you have any sort of a sweet tooth, they’ll lead to growling tummies.