“Mom, why are weeds bad?”

The question gave me pause.  Nicolas was doing his homework one afternoon last week, and the question came suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere.

“Well, I guess because weeds have a tendency to push their way in on plants and flowers that people actually want in their yards.”

“Oh.  Well, I think they’re pretty.”

I’ve been pondering this for a week now.  I find myself driving past yards full of dandelions, yards that would have homeowners’ associations sending scads of scathing letters.

This notice is to remind you that keeping your lawn weed-free will result in a more beautiful neighborhood, thereby keeping all of our home values at a desirable level.  Failure to remove the weeds within fourteen days of receipt of this notice will result in removal of the weeds by the HOA at a cost to you of $250.

Every time I’ve passed a corner, a house, a field covered in dandelions recently, I’ve found myself enjoying the sight.  Drinking in the floral sunshine.  Smiling at the tiny bursts of color.

A number of dandelions have moved on to the parachute stage, ripe for hands young and old to pluck them.  Make a wish and blow!

So, are the weeds actually bad?  Or is it just that we want to pretend we have control over nature?  Choose the plants we want in our yards.  Show our mastery by kicking out the baddies!  Begone, beautifully foul dandelions!

I’m finding myself in love with the dandelions this year.

I find myself not missing someone else’s idea of what makes our yard beautiful.