I know you’ve all been waiting with bated breath for photos from our trip to Vancouver.  You know, the one we took a month ago?  Ahem.  Anywho…

We saw a lot of birds there.  Seagulls, especially.  We saw a lot of seagulls.  (No, we weren’t surprised.  Yes, we realized it is a port town.)

Seagulls at Granville Island

Seagulls at Canada Place

Seagulls with interesting coloring at Granville Island

We also saw several of these beautiful little fellows

Anyone know what he is?  (Ooh, a starling!  Thanks, Nic!)

We even saw a one-legged goose!

His wife and eggs were nestled close by.  He let me get pretty close for a couple of photos, and I returned the favor by leaving his family alone.

But my favorite birds of all?  My favorites – and I cannot believe I’m going to say this – my favorites were the pigeons on Granville Island.

Because of this

Um, Nicky?  Hey, kiddo…

Nicolas!  Could I get a pic of you, too?

Ah, there are those baby blues!

And that look on his face?  That look right there…it’s the look of a bird master, people.

Kalen wasn’t that interested.  Until Nicky showed such success.

Why aren’t they coming to me?

Let’s try it without the soda and with some birdseed, kiddo.

Whoa, that’s close.

Let’s try again.

Now, that’s more like it!

Look!  Look what I did!

That face?  That face is why I love the pigeons.