…learns together!

It’s no secret that we’re a moderately geeky household.

Today I give you proof.

Not that you needed any.

But GeekDad is running a Geeky Family Photo Contest, and last night, we broke out the boys’ Mythbusters Science Exploration Kits.  Kismet.  Fate.  Impeccable timing.  Whatever.

Ye olde vinegar and baking soda rocket.  It went up on the third try.  At that point, measuring spoons had long been abandoned.  A video is in the works.

What did we learn from this?  Well, we’ve already experienced the baking soda + vinegar phenomenon in the form of a volcano in preschool.  It’s a tad more exciting on a field with a ROCKET! though.  We also learned that sometimes experiments don’t go as planned on the first – or second – try.  We learned to read instructions thoroughly.  (True, we are raising young men here, so I don’t know how well that lesson will stick.)  Lastly, we learned that when it’s time for the Mythbusters to go to bed, it’s time to go to bed.  Jamie and Adam don’t always record their wrap-up video the same day as the explosion.  (And if they do, hush.  The kids had to get to school this morning.)

I was reminded of another of our favorite geeky activities while brainstorming photos.  Gaming!

Carcassonne is always a hit.  I must say, however, that we always end up with the most interesting boards when we play with the young ones.

What do we learn by playing Carcassonne?  Ever-important social skills…as in, taking turns.  Patience…as in waiting for turns.  Strategy…is it really a good idea to make five out of your seven meeples farmers right off the bat?  Patience…yes, it deserves two mentions.  Fine motor skills…line the pieces up straight, or it drives Mom nuts.


I put it to you that learning how not to drive your mother insane is an important lesson, geek or not.