• Can I say how much I’m loving reading with Kalen’s classmates each week?  The kids are all so freaking cute.  Every last one of them.
  • Yes, I participated in Boobquake yesterday.  No, I am not posting pictures.  Yes, I think the whole thing is kind of silly.  No, I don’t think it’s offensive to women.  Yes, I changed before volunteering at the kids’ school in the afternoon.
  • Every day for the past week+, Kalen has asked for peanut butter toast for breakfast or a peanut butter sandwich for lunch.  Every morning I tell him we’re out of peanut butter.  I keep forgetting to buy it.  Today, he completely lost patience with me and wrote out a grocery list before sitting down to breakfast.
  • The first thing Kalen’s teacher said when I saw her this morning — “So, did you buy peanut butter?”  Apparently, he’s been regaling every adult who will listen to him for more than two seconds with the drawn-out news that I have forgotten to buy peanut butter, for like, the LONGEST time.  Tomorrow, when he shows up with a peanut butter sandwich, I expect I’ll hear the cheer all the way here at the house.
  • I went to Costco this afternoon and bought two GIANT jars of peanut butter.
  • We’re about to head out to swim lessons.  I am so impressed with these lessons.  And with the boys.  Lots of improvement in a very short amount of time.  1:4 ratio of instructors to kids, and they move up to the next class as soon as their skills dictate it.  No waiting around for the next “round” of classes to start.  I expect we’ll be having a pretty good time at the pool this summer.
  • Oh yeah.  I need to find a pool to join.  Add it to the list.
  • I’m behind the times, apparently, and just now really paying attention to the controversy surrounding the Lane Bryant intimates commercial ABC and FOX refused to air in the same time slots during which it regularly airs Playtex bra and Victoria’s Secret ads.  Really??  REALLY??  During Dancing With the Stars?  Have they SEEN what those dancers wear?  Are they really denying a voluptuous, plus-sized model the same half-naked time on screen that skinny girls get?
  • On a similar note: I adore Niecy Nash.  I don’t love the way she plays to the stereotype that every plus-sized woman must be a food hound, but I’m willing to overlook that.  Cuz she’s just so darned HER.