As I continue to work my way through our photos from 2005, I am surprised now and then at how tiny the boys used to be.

Is this toddler really the child who now wants to write “MORE Star Wars movies and games, AND act in them!” when he grows up?

Who now reads Magic Tree House and Serendipity books while his big brother makes his way through Harry Potter and Percy Jackson?

Who is now learning to cut his meat with a knife?

Who knows darned well not to open his Easter basket until he wakes us up and gets the okay?

Nah.  Couldn’t be.

I’ll just keep telling myself that.

Designer Credits

King of the Playground
Background paper by Amy Wolff (Barely There 3)
Red paper by Karah Fredricks (54 Days to Shop)
White paper by Coralee Evans (Sky Rockets In Flight)
Kraft paper by Dana Frantz (Raspberry Café)
Wrap & charm by Amanda Rockwell of (Crushin’ On My Little Man)
Label by Jady Day Studio (Love All Year Long)
Circles – Vector Brushes by Rapture
Fonts: Duality, Pea Reese, Pea Times New Camileon, Scrap Twiggy

The More You Read
Sketch – PencilLines #180
Background paper by Flergs (SYTYCD-Week1)
Dark green paper & rik rak by Sweet Digi Scraps (Jokes On You)
Orange stripe paper, graph paper, textured buttons & two ribbons by Wild Dandelions (525600 Minutes)
Narrow rik rak by Amanda Rockwell of (Crushin’ On My Little Man)
Dotted ribbon by Armi Lohi (Last Days of Summer)
Gold ribbon by Christina Renee (Heritage)
Other buttons by:, mgl Scraps, Karah Fredricks, Jady Day Studio, Birgit Kerr, Amy Sumrall, Abish Allen
Fonts: 39 Smooth, A Little Pot, Scrap Fancy, Tall Paul

White paper by Coralee Evans (Sky Rockets in Flight)
Scalloped kraft paper by Christine Honsinger of (Krafty Brackets)
Brush – Vintage by In Vogue
Blue paper (in title) by Chris Greiser (Here Comes the Sun)
Fonts: Boopee, Snap ITC

Easter Morning
Sketch by Sketchy Thursdays (5-13-10)
Papers & foliage by Jady Day Studio (Blooming Friendship)
“E” by Lori Musser (Page Frocks)
Asterisk by Valerine N Designs (Like Dreamers Do)
Fonts: Girls Are Weird, Pea Stacy’s Doodles, Pea Teresa