• Yeah, I totally forgot it’s Tuesday.  Three-day weekends will do that to a gal.  Especially three-day weekends spent snuggled up in the recliner and on the couch with a certain very fuzzy blanket wrapped around one’s shoulders.
  • Kalen gave me his cold last week.  What lasts for three days for him apparently takes a good week of feverishness for me to get over.  Quite ready to be done now, thank you.  *hack*  *cough*  *sneeze*  (Excuse me.)
  • I saw this cute book at Barnes & Noble the other day and ordered one for Nicolas’s resource teacher, who has recently been working with them on Haiku.  It’s very cute.

  • Two weeks of school left.  All sorts of things are ramping up: field trips, end-of-year picnics, concerts, teacher gift-making, etcetera etcetera etcetera.  Add to this my new PT appointments, and Nicolas’s new OT appointments.  We’re getting busy around here!
  • Happily some of the busy-ness comes from needing to get the house in order for a few sets of house guests coming around this summer.  The first ones come on the last day of school – hurrah!