Doh!  I saw Chad’s 12 of 12 reminder on Twitter as we were sitting down to dinner.  It’s an amazingly gorgeous day in Seattle (73 and sunny!), and we spent the morning garage saling.  What a great 12 of 12 opportunity, right?  Oops.

Oh, wait…the sun doesn’t set ’til after 9 o’clock!  Here you go, pics* of our garage sale finds of the day:

#1 – Found at the first garage sale of the day.  Brand new.  Box has never been opened.  $10.  Way to start the day off on a high note, eh?  I was pretty darned excited.  Still am, actually!  The boys also walked away from this sale with a couple of old Happy Meal toys, free.  Yippee.

#2 – Two sales later, and lookie here!  50 cents.  Perfect!  It’s a bread-slicing guide, so my new homemade loaves can be sliced evenly for sandwiches.  When Garage Sale Stars Align.

#3 – Same sale, $5.  Great condition.  Jason and I are both looking forward to using this one.  The boys found a plastic play kitchen at this sale – cue major whining and begging.  “We don’t have anywhere it will fit,” is apparently not a good enough reason not to buy it.  The whining, on the other hand…perfect reason!

#4 – The next sale, a moving sale at the home of some folks from school.  We love Cranium games.  $2.

#5 – Again, brand-new, at the school folks’ sale.  $1, I think?  I’d been meaning to buy some, anyway.  My doctor recommended it as an easier alternative to the neti pot.

#6 – On the way out of that subdivision, we saw a sign reading “Sample Sale – $5.00 ea.”  And here you go.  A brand-new windbreaker for Jason.

#7 – A cookie dough scoop.  Not something I ever thought I would spend money on, but for 25 cents?  Sold.

#8 – A really nice set of old field glasses, at the same sale.  $5.  I would’ve tried to talk them down, but the sale was being run by an 83-year-old woman and her husband, and they were obviously so tired; I felt they were earning their money today!  Garage sales are hard work, after all.  When I suggested that from this point on, maybe they should just drop their stuff at Goodwill, she grinned and replied, “Or just leave it and let the kids deal with it when we’re gone!  Don’t let my daughter hear me saying that…”

#9 – After lunch, I took the boys on a few errands.  They’re both going to birthday parties this week.  We love buying stuff at garage sales, but you rarely find gift-appropriate (i.e., new or like new) items for kids at them.  Target and Party City to the rescue!

#10 – On the way back from Target et all, I spied more signs, so I dragged the kids to three more sales.  More whining…until we found this!  I paid $4 for it…and realized when I went to take this photo that I’d misread the ‘1’ as a ‘4’.  Big-time oops!!  Oh well, even at $4, it’s still a good deal.

#11 – Especially since we got this for $1 at the same sale!  I’ve been eyeballing this game at Target for months, and haven’t felt like dropping the money on it.  Happy dance!

#12 – Okay, not a garage sale find.  I found this one at a college football game nearly 17 years ago.  He’s repairing the windshield wiper motor on his car.  And I enjoy watching him do so.  I think I’ll go see if I can help.

Happy 12th!

*SOOC…Photoshop has been throwing a fit; I can’t get it to open any files.  I wonder if it heard about my brief affair with Picnik last week…