Happy Summer!

Yes, Wednesday was our last day of school, but today is the boys’ and my first day alone at home.  We were excited to host guests (hi, Sheri!) for a few days, and we miss them, but now it’s time for us to figure out our summer-at-home routine.

A few weeks ago, I saw this.  Which led me to this.  And a few minutes ago, the boys and I made this:

It’s by no means an exhaustive list, but it certainly is an exhausting one.  In a good way.  We have all summer, after all.

We got a start on The Gideon Trilogy today.  This year, I decided to read a series of books aloud to the boys over the summer break.  A trilogy seems about right, and the cover art grabbed me while we were walking through the book store last week.

We read the intro and first chapter today.  Nicolas wanted to read more immediately, but Kalen had already lost interest, which is fine.  At a [short] chapter a day, we should have no trouble getting through the entire series.

“Summer Reading” consists of completing three summer reading challenges from the book stores.  (No, we’re not counting the read-aloud in the challenges.)  Barnes & Noble, Borders, and Half Price Books all have programs wherein the kids can earn free books for reading.  Reading + free?  I’m in.  And so are the kids, whether they like it or not.  But let’s just assume they like it.  Because they do.  Most days.