• We almost got a new dishwasher today.  Except it was white.  And our fridge, microwave, and stove are black.  The sales guy at the store apparently wrote down the wrong part number.  Not sure when the new one will be delivered.
  • Tomorrow, Jason’s parents get here!  They’re staying for a week, and Jason took the time off.  That is a double treat – a week of seeing family we’ve missed, and a week with Jason.  Hey, I think that’s what’s known as a staycation.  Cool.
  • Grocery shopping, on the other hand, is not cool.  It’s decidedly better when I’m on my own and not responding to the needs (i.e., begging) of young family members, which is why I went after dinner last night.  But still.
  • I went to the yarn store on Sunday to buy the Baby Surprise Jacket pattern.  There are some babies coming soon-ish to various acquaintances and a friend, and I thought I’d give it a go.  The pattern is often referred to as “Advanced beginner” level.  Looking at the pattern itself, I think I’m going to have to look up some terms.  Thank goodness for the internet.  And for my mother’s impending visit.  (Mom and Dad get here the day after Jason’s parents leave.)
  • I have no idea how we’re going to celebrate the 4th.  We’re having a cookout on the 3rd, in keeping with the tradition we began while living in a town that had their fireworks display on that day.  As for the 4th itself, I’m trying to come up with a location that will mean good fireworks viewing without massive crowds.  Good luck with that one, Aimee.  Anyone have any advice for non-crowded, but exemplary, fireworks viewing in the Seattle area?
  • We’re definitely buying sparklers, that much I know.  That’s about the max level of home-use fireworks I can handle.  (Do you hear that, Honey???  SPARKLERS.  Not blow-off-your-fingertips bottle rockets.)
  • I have a feeling that fell on deaf ears.  Eyes.  Whatever.  I’ll just cross my fingers that we all have fingers to cross come Monday.