• I dreamed last night that we were at a graduation for my sister.  There were only about 20 people graduating, and the band played a Christmas song rather than Pomp & Circumstance.  The valedictorians (there were at least four) didn’t make addresses.  Instead, they got up and gave a fiftyish-word biography of themselves.  Two were co-valedictorians and gave biographies of each other.  In my dream, I got out a notebook and said to Jason, “This is the weirdest graduation I’ve ever been to.  I have to write it down and put it in my Random Tuesday post.”  So here you go.
  • Does anyone else dream about their blog?  I think this is the first time I’ve done so.
  • Summer came to Seattle right after lunchtime on July 5th.  It was cold enough on the Fourth that we were bundled up in multiple layers of sweatshirts and blankets to watch fireworks that night.  It was misty/rainy on Monday morning, and then the sun came out.  It’s going to be in the high-80’s later this week.  I overheard two women laughing at Starbucks this morning, saying, “Summer always starts on July 5 here, doesn’t it?”  Good to know!  I don’t care, it’s a helluva lot more pleasant to be bundled up in blankies watching fireworks than sweating and swatting mosquitoes like we’ve been doing for years.
  • We found the perfect spot to fireworks-gaze Sunday night.  I spent a good hour or more perusing multiple search engines, looking for a place where we’d get a good view, but perhaps not have to deal with crowds or traffic.  I found one suggestion listed on one personal site, so we crossed our fingers and went for it.  It was perfect.  We had a view of several different shows across the lake, no traffic, easy parking, no walk, and no crowds of people.  There were even people nearby shooting off their own gorgeous display.  I think we’ve found our long-term spot.
  • My parents will be here visiting starting on Thursday.  Very exciting!  Also a bit frustrating, because they were hoping to have a contract on their house by now, so they could buy one in Portland on this trip.  Seriously, spread the word — their house in Atlanta is beautiful, and they need a buyer!
  • I have my iPod on right now, because I just got off the elliptical.  (I know!  It’s a miracle!  Call the papers!)  Anywho, I always get a nice surprise when I listen to music via earphones rather than stereo or car speakers.  Vocal parts, instrumentals…when they’re split directly into each ear, the harmonies achieve such a cool level.  I just discovered what sounds like a female vocal (or a gorgeous tenor) in the background of Maroon 5’s “Sunday Morning”.  Just one line, but what a neat little treat in a song I thought I knew pretty well.