We drove to Kirkland for dinner Monday night.  We do that now and then, when I want to see the water.  Afterwards, we wandered over to the marina.

Kalen saw other kids wading and was eager to give it a go.

Nicolas was having none of that.

He was all for the stone-skipping lesson, though.

(Yes, we waited for the ducks to move down the beach a bit.  Can’t have that kind of mishap on my conscience.)

He managed a couple of good skips.  I imagine we could have stayed there for hours, had there been more flat rocks available.  And had the ducks stayed down on the other end of the beach.

We had some more exploring to do, anyway.  I can’t tell you how much I wanted to hop in that boat and head off across the lake.

I’m sure that would have been a surprise to the people in it.

I think I’m adding “be a boat owner” to my Someday List.  It’s somewhat further down the list than “be a dog owner again” and significantly more attainable than “own beach front property.”