Happy 12th, everyone!

8:08 am – Coffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffee.  It’s not quite the same as getting the real thing at the shop, but it’s better than nothing.  (Dunkin, you’re welcome to start opening up West Coast shops any day now.  We miss you.)

9:23 am – I’m mildly obsessed with Blomqvist and Salandar these days.  I wonder if I’ll be able to hold out for the third episode to be published in paperback.

10:44 am – An R2D2 playdough set.  I could not resist it when I was shopping for Kalen’s birthday.  As expected, it was instantly embraced — not only for its playdough possibilities, but also as a vehicle for the Lego Star Wars guys to ride in.

2:51 pm – Nicolas working on his new “Color Your Own Graphic Novel.”  Hound of the Baskervilles, no less.  The child adores Sherlock Holmes.  (I’m laughing at the pile of books next to him.  Guns, Germs & Steel and The Giving Tree.  A family assortment, obviously.)

3:49 pm – A quick snack before heading off to work on bike-riding skillz.

3:59 pm – I was sufficiently proud enough of my accomplishment to document my own mad skillz.  In this case, the “I don’t need instructions or a man around to figure out how to untangle this contraption I’ve never touched before and get it properly mounted, dammit!” skillz.

4:37 pm – Unfortunately, between our lost bicycle pump and our friends’ broken one, the biking didn’t happen.  The boys weren’t too disappointed.

4:53 pm – Jason stopped by to drop off the bicycle helmets that were in his trunk.

5:34 pm – He also dropped off an iced mocha, which was not long for this world.  Thank you, sweetie!

6:47 pm – The real reason we needed the helmets.  The boys had their first-ever ice skating lesson.  Considering the tears of frustration from Kalen at an ice skating birthday party two months ago, I was surprised to see such a happy face for the whole lesson.  Surprised but thrilled!

6:48 – Is this the boy who wouldn’t try anything new or difficult for so many years??  I was bouncing on the bleachers to see them putting in such good effort and having so much fun.

6:58 pm – With their buddies at the rink.  I think we can mark this day down as a win.

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