Why I haven’t yet posted today:

Quality time with boxes, a box cutter, and yellow tempera.

I made 20 arrows and was concerned it wouldn’t be enough.  (There are a lot of twists and turns here.)  I finally took Jason’s advice (See, Honey?  I do that sometimes!) and printed out a map of our neighborhood.  Turns out twenty is exactly the right number.

Did you know that the combination of black on yellow is one of the easiest color contrasts for the human eye to see?  Even better than black on white.

Tonight, my quality time will be with my black Sharpie.  Outlining, lots of outlining.

I can’t wait!*

*It should be noted that this statement was typed without an ounce of sarcasm.  I really do love this sort of thing.  I’m a dork — and a dream come true to teachers who hate decorating their classroom bulletin boards!