• I am really, really not looking forward to school starting again.  It’s the first time I’ve felt this way in my entire life.  Including when I was in school.  We have very few concrete plans, the boys and I, and I’m quite enjoying sort of floating along through summer.  Who knew?
  • It is very cool, however, that school doesn’t start until September here.  The back-to-school sales have begun at all the national chains, with new sales running every week.  I’ve made a game for myself of comparing prices and finding killer deals on markers, Pink Pearl erasers, reams of papers, and a protractor.
  • Oh yeah, remember this?  He did it again on Sunday.  Seriously.  Same crash, other side of the same towel bar.  Lessons, schmessons.  The only person not beside themselves during the whole drama was Nicolas, who wisely grabbed The Order of the Phoenix and retreated to the den to read for a while.
  • How did I handle it?  I mostly didn’t.  I left him and it to Jason, grabbed a basket of laundry, and folded it while I watched the season finale of Doctor Who On Demand.  Yes.  You read that right.  I hid.  Given my incredulity and potential inability to respond rationally, I believe I made the responsible choice.
  • Speaking of Doctor Who, I have to say the cliff hanger episode directly before the finale was much more compelling.  I find that “I knew what to do to save the future because I came back and told myself” bit a little far fetched.  Yes, I know we’re talking about time-traveling aliens here, but I have to draw my far-fetchery line somewhere, don’t I?
  • I was amused yesterday while checking my blog stats page.  There have been additional, completely out-of-left-field search engine queries bringing people by.  Someone is looking for ‘Civil War scrapbooking paper,’ and Google apparently thought I had the answer.  Four times.  Another person searching for the cost of Dooce’s new house popped in.  Seriously?  (a) Hello, NOSY!  (b) Do you think that search is really going to yield results??  Not that I didn’t wonder, myself, when I saw that bath tub Monday morning.  I don’t care what other amenities that house has, that tub alone would have me pulling my credit scores and scrambling for a good mortgage rate.
  • The boys want to make Harry Potter wands today.  I think we might just have to do that.