• I think we can all agree that Geico has a brilliant ad team.  This latest one, at least for me, takes the cake.  It won’t tempt me to leave USAA, but I must admit to uncontrollable laughter when I saw it for the first time last night:

  • I knit a hat over the past few days, without a pattern.  It’s HUGE.  Giant.  Ginormous.  I read Yarn Harlot’s Knitting Rules! and went by her guidelines for swatching, determining size, etc.  Considering her expertise, I can only conclude that I messed up somewhere, probably in the math.  Or maybe I should have stretched the swatch before measuring.  The more I think about it, the more I think that’s the answer.  Jason or I could wear the hat, turned up at the brim, but…yeah, even then, it’s rather comically gigantic.
  • Remember that list we made back at the beginning of the summer?  Surprisingly, we haven’t made a whole lot of progress on it.  I had been envisioning a summer full of boredom, during which we would NEED that list as an idea-maker.  The List would serve as a hero of sorts, rescuing us from bickering, frustrated doldrums.  Really, though, we haven’t needed it.
  • We are knocking a rather large item off The List this week, however.  More on that tomorrow.
  • I’ve never been one to fear change.  In fact, I tend to embrace it with glee.  Sometimes it manages to throw me for a loop, though.  A couple of weeks ago, the boys’ swim lessons were changed from Tuesday evenings to Wednesdays at the same time.  Every Tuesday afternoon about this time, I get antsy, feeling like I’m forgetting an appointment.  I now check my calendar more on Tuesdays than I do any other day of the week.
  • Every evening, just after dinnertime, the ice cream truck drives through our neighborhood.  More often than not, the annoying music blaring from the speaker is “Greensleeves”.  Which, of course, is also used as the music for “What Child Is This?”  Which means that I’m finding myself humming Christmas music.  In July/August.
  • That’s all I got.  Check out Keely’s place for more randomness!  (Click the purple button at the top of the page.)