Yay for memes!  Thanks, Chad, for giving me posting motivation.

9:18 am – Good morning!

9:46 am – Heading out for the boys’ annual portrait together.  We’ve done one every summer since we’ve had both of them.

11:20 am – Post-portrait lunch at Ruby’s.  I think they’d had enough smiling for the camera at this point.

12:43 pm – Ruby’s delivers on kids’ distractions.  These are even better than the masks we used to get at Denny’s back in the day.  Anyone remember those?

12:46 pm – Our library system has really cool automated return machines.

2:25 pm – This is disturbing.

2:59 pm – Scenes like this make me wonder where my babies went.

4:14 pm – Have I mentioned the very cool playgrounds we have here?

4:28 pm – Jason likes them, too.

4:28 pm – Let’s call this “motion blur,” not “point and shoot with no time to change the shutter speed.”

4:30 – Proof I was there, too!  (What is with my neck?!?)

11:07 pm – What he said!  (Is it me, or does he look like he could be filling in for Gene Kelly?  Gotta dance!)