• Today, August 17, 2010 is the first anniversary of our move to Seattle.  At this time last year, our plane was just about to touch down, I believe.  A year!
  • We spent the weekend in Oregon.  It was a whirlwind trip, smiled upon by the angels.  Or, more likely, the god of getting into restaurants just before the long lines.  Which god is that, anyway?  Dionysus, maybe…
  • Seriously, we picked the right weekend, even with the 95-degree temps.  See, since it WAS going to be so hot, I spent time online looking for air-conditioned stuff to do.  Which led us to OMSI, which just happens to be hosting an Einstein exhibit right now.  And which just happened to be free this weekend.  Fa-ree.  Completely sponsored by Fred Meyer (local grocery store).  YES!  Cheap trip just got cheaper, baby.
  • Oh, and Einstein?  I never knew much about his life or political beliefs before Saturday, but I’m now a huge fan.  Totally cool old dead guy.
  • Speaking of travel, have you checked out Trazzler?  Fun!  I read about it on someone else’s blog recently, and I’m ashamed to say I can’t remember whose.  But thank you, mysterious blogger who I follow in RSS but apparently am too daft to recall!
  • It looks like the blackberries are ripe around these parts.  The boys and I must make a roadside stop.  I can’t imagine any better summer taste than fresh blackberries.  Unless it’s blackberry pie.  Or blackberry cobbler.