• 8 days until the first day of school.  Yes, this does translate to about 9 days until my blog and I get to know one another again.
  • Is there anyone more wonderful than the front office staff at an elementary school?  I love those ladies.  (Sorry to exclude you, men, but our two schools have been guy-free in the front office.)  They are always happy smiles and comforting hugs.  Just genuinely great people.
  • They are also the people you want to get to know.  Even if you’re working two jobs and just don’t have time to be a school volunteer, get to know the front office ladies.  Having a relationship with someone who has their finger on the pulse of the whole school can only be a good thing for your kids’ educational experience.  Plus, they are usually, like I said, just neat, neat people with a true love for the kids.  There’s my unsolicited advice for the day.
  • The boys are on a Harry Potter kick, thanks to the Lego game that came out this summer.  They are currently running around the backyard, casting spells.  Conversation snippet that has me losing it:

Kalen: Halt, Bloody Baron!
Nicolas: I’m not Baron!

(Say it out loud.)

  • Jason and I have kidcare (yay for kidcare swaps!) for a movie date this weekend.  What shall we see?  Inception?  Scott Pilgrim?  The Switch?  It’s a huge choice.  This kind of opportunity comes but once or twice a year, after all.  I’m leaning toward Inception.  I hear we should make another date for a second viewing, so we can glean some understanding of it.
  • Time to stop procrastinating and make some phone calls.  While I’m doing that, you go ahead and click that purple button up top for more randomness, mm-kay?