• So, you all know I jump from hobby to hobby like a toddler on a sugar high, right?  Only without so much energy.  Or any energy, actually.  Get this:  I’ve been hobby-free all summer.  Sure, I’ve knitted a bit here and there on the baby blanket I started last spring.  (The child WILL get it before she goes to preschool.  I promise.)  And I knitted a hat/scarflette combo for myself.  But that’s it.  Really.  It’s like this summer was a giant hobby black hole.  I can’t say it’s going to pick up anytime soon, either.
  • I saw this video on Dooce’s site today.  I could have written her post about it, right down to the goosebumps.  I canNOT dance.  I really wish I could.  I so enjoy watching people with true dancing talent.
  • Okay, summer, you’ve made your point.  I’ve interrupted writing this post three times already to put out fires (i.e., tell the kids to STOP ALREADY) or remind them that We Have To Leave To Go To the Chiropractor in TEN Minutes, So Get Your Shoes On.  ~*~  Whoever invented summer break was genius.  Make it just long enough that the crazies hit the kids a week or two before it’s over, completely obliterating any parental sentimentality that might make us wish for a longer summer break.  Brilliantly played, summer break inventor person.
  • Is anyone else really curious and really excited to see Jennifer Grey on the new season of Dancing With the Stars?  Is anyone else going to get misty when she’s not dancing with Patrick Swayze?  Am I a hormonal nutcase?  (Hint: the answer to that last question is likely a yes.)
  • And, c’mon…David Hasselhoff?  Awesome.
  • Speaking of, the boys have discovered the original Knight Rider on Neftlix.  It does an 80’s girl’s heart good to see her boys enjoying a bit of Kitt and Michael Knight time.