• I’ve been doing this exercise:
  • I don’t think anything can adequately convey how much it can hurt, but I’ll try.  Derik (my trainer) said, somewhat jokingly, “Most of the women I start on this say childbirth hurt only slightly less.”  Yes, well…I had a c-section.  The epidural wore off in the middle of it.  Okay, imagine that pain.  Believe it or not, this exercise did come sort of close to that sharp, excruciating feeling the first time I did it.  There were tears dripping off my face onto the gym floor.  The cool thing, though?  The second time I did it, a couple of days later, no problem.  Sure, it was really painful, but exponentially less so than the first time.  It was even less painful today (the third time).  There is hope, especially since doing this on a daily basis may help relieve some – or a lot – of my knee pain.
  • I am now reading The Hunger Games.  Wow, it’s as fabulous as everyone says it is.
  • I just got a great email.  In 2005, Jason and I drove from Atlanta to St. Louis to see one of the last games at Busch Stadium, before it was torn down to build a new Busch Stadium.  While there, we planted a letterbox with a very cool stamp, if I may say so.  Upon arriving home, I lost the clues for the box.  Oops.  *Time warp to 2010, almost exactly 5 years to the week after that trip.* Someone found the box, rescued it, looked me up on letterboxing.org, and emailed me tonight.  I do hope the box is intact and that we can get someone to replant it in that area.  Trust me, this is very exciting news for a letterboxer.
  • Kalen has a raging ear infection.  It’s so bad that doctor actually recoiled from his ear when she first looked in.  Apparently, both ears are fire engine red on the inside.  Of course, he feels miserable, but he loves the pink amoxicillin (who doesn’t?) and the break from school to watch Star Wars movies.  What is he most upset about?  Missing the first Lego Engineering class after school tomorrow.  (That “24 hours free of fever” rule.)  I can’t say as I blame him, especially when I think about how much that class cost.  Oh, and, I guess, the Legos.
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