There is a movement sweeping the internet.

Sadly, this movement was sparked by the ongoing crisis of gay teen suicide.  Kids who have been bullied and exploited, who think they just can’t take it any more.

Dan Savage, a performer and columnist, is sick of it.  Like so many of us, he is heartbroken over the loss of so many lives for so horrible a reason.  As he wrote in his popular column Savage Love:

I wish I could have talked to this kid for five minutes. I wish I could have told Billy that it gets better. I wish I could have told him that, however bad things were, however isolated and alone he was, it gets better.

So, he began a movement.

It Gets Better

Videos for gay teens by gay adults.  Giving hope and love, sharing their experiences, sharing how wonderful live will turn out to be.  Watch a few.  I guarantee most of you will be moved to tears.

It. Gets. Better.

This is such an phenomenally important concept for gay teens to try to understand.

Come to think of it, not only gay teens.  Freaks.  Nerds.  Geeks.  (Yes, it’s now chic-to-be-geek in a lot of places, but not everywhere.)  Losers.  Babies.  Fastsos.  Dumb-fucks.  Beanpoles.  Know-it-alls.  Mama’s Boys.  Sluts.  Scum.  Four-eyes.  ‘Tards.  Whatever name you’ve been called…if you can continue to hold your head up high and just get through it, it DOES get better.

I’m going to quote The Bloggess here, because she said it so beautifully:

Right now it’s hard to see clearly but there is a world of amazing people out there who…will love you and respect you and cherish your contributions.  I’m one of them and I can’t wait to meet you.  Don’t let me down.

I’m one of them, too.  If you have been or are being bullied, pushed around, put down or exploited, I won’t presume to know or understand exactly what you’re going through.  What I do know, however, is how many wonderful gifts you have to give the world, even if you haven’t found them yet.  You are infinitely worthy of love and deserving of joy.  Please, please give us the chance to get to know you and help you find your joy.