Okay, forget what I said yesterday about two posts in one day.  I was tired.  Plus, I barely got all twelve photos in before hitting the hay.

8:12 am – Dinner being put in the Crock Pot.  Verdict: YUM.  So good.

11:02 am – Heading home from my dietitian appointment with ‘The Skinny on Fat’.  Literally.  That’s what this packet is called.

1:46 pm – A replacement for our often-used, well-loved, and getting-frighteningly-hot-on-the-outside-whenever-we-use-it Crock Pot.  The locking handles sold us – great for office chili cook-offs!

4:02 pm – Homework time.  (In his favorite shirt again!)

4:45 pm – Rushing out the door for a busy evening, homework in hand.

5:04 pm – This is how Nicolas spent Kalen’s piano lesson time.

5:45 pm – Piano lesson’s done, now to the pool for swim lessons.  The smile is because he loves both!

6:56 pm – Jason got to the pool at 6:30, so I could run home, eat one of the chicken breasts from the Crock Pot, and get to the PTA board meeting at 7:00.  Like I said, one of those busy evenings.  Thankfully, the PTA board is all busy moms, so I wasn’t the only one eating dinner while standing at the kitchen counter before showing up a couple of minutes late.

9:0o pm – What I found when I got home.  He’ll sleep through anything, including the flash.

10:31 pm – A recent remake of The Music Man, starring Matthew Broderick and Kristen Chenoweth.  I love them both, and their singing was great, but the acting was…uncomfortable to watch.  It probably didn’t help that we watched the original just last weekend.  The kid playing Winthrop sounded remarkably like Ronny Howard, though.

10:40 pm – Filling in a few blanks before bed.

10:58 pm – Last thing before setting the alarm clock and going to sleep – check my day’s steps.  My daily goal is 5,000, outside of any formal workouts.  Not too shabby!

That’s it!  My day.  Unexciting, but certainly not boring.  Click here to visit Chad’s site and take a World Tour of October 12.