Howdy, Strangers.  Today’s the 12th, which means it’s that time again.  We’ll just ignore the fact that I’ve ignored the internet for the past month, shall we?

This month, all photos are SOOP – Straight Out Of [my simple little] Phone.  No fancy iPhone or Windows Phone or Apps or Photoshopping.  Just some good, old-fashioned grainy snapshots.


8:29 am – After we drop Nicolas off at band practice three mornings a week, Kalen gets some piano practicing in before school.  I love everything about this photo, including the graininess.  It reminds me of snapshots from the 70’s.  Notice the giraffe keeping him company on the keyboard.

9:06 am – Driving through a valley on my way to a doctor’s appointment.  The valley’s fields, to my left, were completely encased in fog.  The road was clear.

9:07 am – This was the scene to the right of my car on the same stretch of road.  Not a wisp of fog!  Very odd.

9:17 am – This office has an unusually broad variety of magazines.

9:25 am – I couldn’t resist a shot of this guy while I was waiting for the doctor.  I think he needs a visit to the chiropractor.  That twist can’t be comfortable.

11:50 am – Post-doctor, post-workout, leaving the gym.  Not a good shot of the building, but an inadvertent self portrait.

3:38 pm – The usual pile of backpacks et al to be found by the playground after school on a non-rainy day.

4:18 pm – Happy place.  I impulse-bought a papaya.

4:23 pm – Autumn in the Pacific Northwest, and Daylight Saving Time is over.  Hence sunset in the mid-afternoon.

5:58 pm – Coming out of Occupational Therapy, the moon was much prettier than my little phone could capture.

8:37 pm – We got the first couple of seasons of The Muppet Show and have been sharing them with the boys.  The guest stars and musical numbers are hilarious in their outdatedness, but Waldorf and Statler never go out of style.

9:41 pm – This is Otis.  I love Otis.