• This is “one of those weeks.”  You know, the ones where you look at your calendar on your way to bed Sunday night and it looks really doable, and you feel like you’re going to be quite accomplished, until you realize your kids are still going to want to eat – three meals a day (the nerve), and one of those things on the calendar that only takes up two hours of space actually has about fifteen hours of necessary prep work, and if you don’t do some laundry NOW no one will have underwear or socks in which to accomplish anything?  Yeah, one of those.
  • Still, I’m not stressing.  Busy, yes.  Stressing, no.  I honestly don’t know where the laid back approach to this week is coming from, but hey, I’m not fighting it.
  • As of last night, I’ve joined the 10’s.  Teens?  (What do we call this decade anyway?)  Jason got his Windows Phone 7, so I got the practically-new, but-now-out-dated, Windows Phone he no longer needs.  A smart phone!  Woot!  Unfortunately, it seems to be outsmarting me already.  I can’t figure out how to do most of what one is supposed to do on it.  I shall persevere, however, and figure the darned thing out!  Next week.
  • Okay, dinner’s in the oven (albeit a bit late).  Now to get something in the washing machine, so we don’t start an Annual Winter Commando Season tradition.  While I’m doing that, why don’t you go click that purple button up top?