In no particular order…

  • Mom
  • Spouse to my Best Friend
  • Crafter
  • Writer
  • Democrat
  • Lover and Protector of the Earth

1001 things to do before I reincarnate…
This subtitle was the suggestion of a friend of mine when I asked for help coming up with a new name for my blog.  You see, I have this issue…I like to do lots of different things.  I crochet, I write, I digiscrap, I letterbox, I dabble in genealogy, I read.  That’s just on the creative/hobby level.  I’m also a mom and a struggling domestic engineer.  I tend to obsess about one hobby at a time, for months on end.  And then one day it’s over.  I’m no longer in the mood for that particular pursuit, and I move onto another in my repertoire.  For a while.  I call this a lack of sticktoitiveness.  My dear friend tells me that it’s a desire to do many things in my life.  And, yes, I’m a reincarnationist, so it works.  And it leads nicely to the title I settled upon…

In This Life