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Wow…slow month! Okay, so not really. The blog has been slow, yes, but the month has been beyond busy:

  • A trip across country to deposit my husband in Seattle, celebrating my birthday along the way
  • A contract on the house – or two!
  • A son’s birthday
  • A packing up of the house
  • A publication credit**
  • A move in the rain
  • A move into my parents’ house
  • An attempted closing today (Yes, I said ‘attempted.’  Sigh.)
  • A few other things that are slipping my exhausted mind

…all of which left me with very little computer time.  Ah well.  Here is this month’s Wordle (all eight posts’ worth):


**Errata: In my last post, the one about my IC column, I committed a grave sin of omission.  In my thankings, I somehow left out the biggest thanks of all.  THANK YOU, MOM! for your time, driving, and companionship during the research for the article!  It was a lot more fun with you along than it would’ve been on my own.

Sorry for the delay in the monthly wordle!  We’ve been out and about (stay tuned for details…)



Visit Wordle to make your own word cloud.

Happy New Year!


Visit Wordle to make your own word cloud.

Visit Wordle to make your own word cloud.

Here’s what I talked about this month.  I’m glad to see that the big words are ones that make me happy.

To make your own word cloud, visit Wordle.  I populated this cloud with all of my September blog posts.

Also, I can’t WAIT until I get my new Photoshop Elements 7.0.  I have been without a good photo editing tool for far too many months.  Next month’s word cloud will be prettier.

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