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Depending on your point of view, it was a moment of brilliance or insanity that prompted me to post, “And you know what…I’ll seam it!” to the other crocheters in the Knitters for Obama group. I’m leaning towards brilliance, because take a gander at the gorgeousness that is arriving in my mailbox on a daily basis!

These are the nine squares I’ve received so far, from across the U.S. There will eventually be thirty squares, which Mom and I will seam into a large afghan, #2 on the prize list for the Knitters for Obama drawing. This is going to be a big, warm blankie…perfect as a throw for your bed, or for snuggling under with your honey to watch election returns in November. Or maybe even to take with you to Obama’s Inauguration in January? It’s always cold in D.C. in January…

You may notice a new little bit ‘o swag over there on the right side of my blog. Patriotic colors, links to another blog…yep, that’s it!

Over on Ravelry, I’m a member of a group of amazing people – Knitters for Obama (KFO) – who are working hard to do their part to get Senator Barack Obama elected in November. The camaraderie within this group is something else, but beyond that, even, is their dedication to this cause.

During the primary season, the group got together and knitted a blanket with the Obama campaign’s logo on it. Along with several dozen other prizes donated by members, it was put up for a drawing. The rules: for every $5 you donated to the campaign, you got a ticket for whichever prize you wanted. The group raised over $8,500. And we’re doing it again!

This time, we have a knitted blanket (with a little crochet thrown in) in the shape and colors of Old Glory, with each of the 50 states and D.C. represented. We’re also offering a crocheted blanket in varying shades of Democrat Blue, and once again members are stepping forward with tons of additional prizes. The drawing begins Independence Day and runs through August 7, so please consider donating to Senator Obama’s campaign this summer!

Next time on KFO Update: Warming preemies and veterans…

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