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A couple of weeks ago*, Jen and John from Cake Wrecks came to town on their book signing tour.  I just had to go.

The coolest part was not the book (although it’s nifty, sturdier and higher-quality than I expected, and has lots of content not on the website), nor was it the cakes present at the event (although they were awesome), nor was it how incredibly geeky-cool and funny (duh) both Jen and John are and how I would love to be friends with Jen (can’t write about that too much, ‘cuz I don’t want to look too internet-stalkery).  No.  The coolest part?  Jen and I were wearing the same shoes.


Now, I suppose one could interpret this in a [limited] number of ways.  Coincidence springs to mind.  I, however, chose this completely unscientific interpretation: that by nature of association, I now have some small level of cool.  Argument: Jen is cool.  Jen wears low-top raspberry Chucks.  I wear low-top raspberry Chucks.  I am, therefore, cool.**  That I am cool to a much lesser extent is a reasonable assumption (especially since I’m sitting here blogging about whether or not I’m cool) and is perfectly okay with me.

No, really, the event was a blast.  Quite crowded, but fun.  Jen and John are naturals in front of a crowd and are troopers.  Not only did they sign all of those autographs, I heard them having actual conversations with people as they came up to the table.  I’m sure it’s tempting to just smile and sign, but they seemed to be having a good (albeit tiring) time.

Even the folks at the adjacent coffee shop got into the spirit:


*This was before John’s hospitalization mid-tour with horrible, ICU-level pneumonia and infection, poor guy!  I bet Jen was a wreck.  Ouch…that pun wasn’t intended & probably isn’t original in the slightest, but I think they’d like it, so I’m leaving it.  Anyway, it looks like John is home and doing better now, although he still needs some healing time.  Happy, healthy thoughts to John, everyone!

**Hush, math nerds.

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