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(Right, Barbie?)

Tomorrow, we’re meeting a friend and her daughter for lunch.  Maybe I should backtrack…

Last week, Mom mentioned that she’d like me to take all of my sister’s and my old Barbies with me when we move.  Um, I don’t really want all my Barbies, but I really don’t want to get rid of them, either.

Then it hit me: what am I saving them for?  When I was a little girl, I kept them looking so nice – I lost almost no shoes, I kept their hair combed – all because I knew that someday my daughters would want to play with them.  Well, that’s certainly not going to happen.  My boys couldn’t care less (they just like to race the Corvette alongside their dumptrucks), and even if they wanted to play with the dolls, I don’t think I could watch them play rough with the toys I kept so carefully for so long.

Did I mention the friend I’m meeting tomorrow has a daughter?  Who likes Barbies?  *Lightbulb*

So today, Mom and I played Barbies one last time as we set up for a fashion shoot.  I decided to give all of them to Haylee, and relive my memories of my favorite childhood toys through my camera.  Ready to climb in the time machine with me?  Instead of a Delorean, we’ll be taking the pink Corvette…

Let’s start with a night on the town with Ken and Crystal Barbie.  She was my favorite.  I remember removing her from the box.  That dress!  That stole!  And the earrings had crystals in them!


Next, a trio of favorites.  On the left is Twirly Curls Barbie; she belonged to Heather.  Twirly’s poor neck is beyond the help of any chiropractor – her hair is so heavy that her head lost the ability to stay upright years ago.  In the center: Kissing Barbie.  This Barbie has a button on her back that pushes her lips out – she really kisses!  She came with a little tube of “lipstick,” and letters and envelopes to S.W.A.K.  The envelopes quickly ran out, though, and the backs of our hands got the brunt of the kissing.  On the right: Golden Dreams Barbie.  If this outfit doesn’t scream, “Bridging the gap between the 1970’s & 1980’s!” I don’t know what would.


Next, make way for Western Barbie and her horse, Dallas! This beautiful lady also has a button on her back, but instead of kissing, she winks at you, displaying a nice, heavy swath of blue eyeshadow.  Stylish!


Barbie wasn’t always out riding the range.  When she hit the city, she did it in style!  Here she is in her ’79 Dream Vette.  (Complete with mobile phone and television in the dash.)


So we know Barbie winks, kisses, rides and drives.  Did you know she can also rock out in the most 80’s way?  Yep, in the mid-to-late-80’s Barbie fronted her own band, Barbie and the Rockers.  One year Heather and I saved up ALL of our money to head down to Toys R Us and buy their tour van.  What could be cooler than a purple splatter-painted camper with its own working tape deck?  Absolutely nothing.


Now what Barbie girl worth her salt would have such a fine collection of dolls without the threads to go with them?  Our girls were oh-so-fashionable back in the day.  Take a gander at this 70’s halter dress.  And how about the Sergio Valente denim duds?  Don’t you miss the 80’s?


The very best Barbie clothes, however, were not to be found on the shelves of the toy store.  Pattern makers have always capitalized on our love of fashion dolls, and Mom provided our dolls with the greatest array of fashion choices.  My favorites are the two outfits on the left – how awesome are they?  (The house dress…meh.  However, it brings back so many memories, I can’t not love it.)


And of course, Barbie had to be prepared for her wedding.  Here we have a double ceremony, complete with bridesmaid.


Once I got old enough, I started following in Mom’s footsteps and making my own outfits for the girls.  Most were still held together with straight pins when I found them in storage, but these two are great.  I didn’t even realize until I found them that I’d known this much about crocheting at such a young age!  I forgot it somewhere along the way…


So tomorrow, all these ladies and gents, vehicles and animal, clothes and accessories get passed to the next generation.  I’m excited to have them once again fulfilling their purpose, rather than sitting in boxes in the basement.  Thank you, Barbie, for the endless fun.

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