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I’ve seen several blog posts this season about tree skirts, most noticeably people writing that they don’t want to purchase tree skirts.  They use sheets, or extra fabric, or whatever.  Hey, whatever works!  Like they said, it’s mostly going to be covered up by presents, right?

I must admit, though, my first thought upon reading one of these posts was, “Buy a tree skirt?”  Now, you have to remember that I was raised by a woman who has a degree in home economics, so of course, our tree skirt was hand-sewn.  Happily, when Jason and I struck out and formed our own household, Mom had a nice stash of quilting fabric, some of which was both Christmasy (yay!) and music-oriented (double yay!).  I’m not sure if there was begging, eyelash batting, or a simple, “Ooh, I LOVE those fabrics, Mom, and we REALLY need a tree skirt!” involved, but by our first Christmas together, we had our skirt.

I wish I had thought to take it outside to get a good photo when we put the tree up, but (again, happily) said skirt is currently fulfilling its potential and playing host to a pile of presents.  I will get a nice, posed picture of it, but in the meantime, here it is in action, eagerly awaiting the weight of the booty:

So, what’s under your Christmas tree?  A store-bought skirt?  An extra shawl?  A red bed sheet?  A bed of dry pine needles?  Do share!

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