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Well, I guess last week’s Week of Few Words ended up being Week of Few Posts.  Sadly, I didn’t finish as many of my list items as I had planned, even with less time spent blogging.

One new item was added to my list and subsequently crossed off: Mittens for Kalen.  He lost his gloves some time ago, and while he usually has extraordinarily warm hands, his fingers have gotten quite cold during outside play.  I finally searched out free mitten patterns (there aren’t many in crochet), and settled on these.  The first one turned out so cute.  Unfortunately, I misread the pattern and made the cuff much too small.  Not to worry, some toddler somewhere can use it, so it now has a partner and will go on the Mitten Tree at church.


I started on another pair for Kalen Sunday night, and they fit perfectly.  (pattern modification: 2 extra rows in the cuff)  He is so proud of his new mittens and happily wore them to school today.


We’ve been working steadily, if a bit slowly, on getting the house ready for market.  I even washed windows yesterday and today.  This is rare event in my life; in fact, I don’t know that I’ve ever washed outside windows before.  Vacuuming, paint touch-up, storage & organization, scrubbing, boxing up…it seems like a never-ending list.  However, bit by bit, it’s getting done, and we now have a deadline of Friday for Mom to come help us with the actual staging.

Thank goodness!  A looming deadline is just the kick in the pants I need…

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