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The blogosphere abounds with self-proclaimed “bad mommy moments,” where mothers put their ‘doh!’ experiences out there for the world to read.  Perhaps it’s just to read the comments that say, “BTDT, you’re not the only one!”  In fact, I’m pretty sure that’s why there are so many…

Anyway, now it’s my turn to post my own moment.  The boys had their fun run fundraiser today.  I had a dentist appointment during Kalen’s time on the track, so Jason went and cheered him on.  I was planning to watch when it was Nicky’s turn.



Somehow, I got 3:00 in my head at the time for his run.  School gets out at 2:45, so you can see where this might be an issue.  I have been catching myself in this mistake all week, but, very unfortunately, I didn’t catch myself today.  At 1:45, Jason asked, “Weren’t you going to go to Nicky’s run?”

“Yeah, it’s at three…oh crap!  It was at 1:30!”  I was in the middle of a deadline project, so my wonderful husband (also a wonderful father) ran out, and I remembered to hand him the camera.  He arrived in time to run with Nicky in the final “victory lap.”


Sigh.  Bad mommy moment, but it turned into a good daddy moment, so not really all that bad in the long run, eh?

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