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Happy May!  I know, I said I’d see you after the afghan’s done, and it certainly isn’t, but yesterday was the 12th.  You know what that means…

8:44 am – Heading out to school.  A few minutes late.  And we still had to go back for something.  Good thing I have extra time built in with our 8:40 departure time.

1:38 pm – Bits of the aforementioned afghan.  It’s coming together!  (See below)

1:44 pm – Calling to schedule my first physical therapy appointment.  It’s only thirteen years overdue.

4:15 pm – Homework time.  Exciting spelling words.

5:08 pm – Since the boys don’t have portable gaming systems, they take books in the car.  We gave Nicolas this one for his tenth birthday.  The verdict: “So far, it’s good.”  Goblet of Fire is hiding behind it.

5:28 pm – In the waiting room prior to Nicolas’s occupational therapy appointment.  It’s a fun waiting room.

5:46 pm – Gorgeous afternoon, so I dragged Kalen out for a jaunt around the block while Nicolas was inside.  Neither of us was dressed appropriately.  Thankfully, it was a small block.

6:22 pm – Back inside to wait.  They have an assortment of donated books in the waiting room.  I’m looking forward to finishing this one on days like this when I remember my crocheting but forget the instructions.  (Doh!)

6:39 pm – Winter’s over.  Methinks it’s time for a pedicure.  (My new flip-flops are supposed to tone my legs and rear end.  That’s an awful lot to ask of these cute & comfy shoes!)

7:07 pm – Choosing to counteract whatever toning the flip-flops are doing with a little Teriyaki takeout.  Num Yummy.

7:10 pm – My Mothers Day presents are getting a lot of play time in the car.  Unexpected benefit: the boys are requesting Defying Gravity every time we get in, so I get to hear Chris Colfer’s glorious voice over and over.

7:51 pm – The afghan!  There’s another row on it as of this morning.  Several more to go.

12 of 12 is Chad‘s baby, and 2010 is the last year for it!  *sniff* Go check out other 12ers here.


  • I finally got Jason hooked on Glee.  I knew all it would take was him sitting down to watch it.  His love of musicals is one of the reasons I fell in love with him.  It was the Vogue video that put him over the edge, I think.
  • Really, and he’s the one who reminds me that Dancing With the Stars is on.  Sorry, ladies, he’s taken.  Forever.
  • Obviously, we’re not participating in National Turn Off The TV Week, or whatever it’s called.  It’s a good idea, but it’s not like we let the kids sit in front of the television for hours on end, so I’m okay with our “Turn Off the TV” time being spread evenly throughout the year.
  • I’m IM’ing with my sister and bonding over Stan Rogers music.  What?  You weren’t raised on sea shanties (shouldn’t that be spelled ‘chanties?’  It’s from the French ‘chanter,’ after all…) and folk music?  Daddy was a sailor with an acoustic guitar in the 60’s and 70’s.  It was inescapable, thank goodness.
  • As was a deep adoration of John Denver.  I didn’t even know that Peter, Paul & Mary sang “Leaving on a Jet Plane” until I was an adult.  It’s always been a John Denver song to me.
  • Dad loves musicals, too.  I know.  Two straight men who love musicals in one family.  They DO exist, folks.  I’m always taken aback when people talk about musicals being a “gay man” thing.  I’ve been told I’m pretty lucky that my husband will even watch them with me.  Luck has nothing to do with it.  I met him in college choir.  We sang Gershwin and Disney songs together.  I know lots of straight guys (yes, and a few gay ones, too) who like musicals.
  • I have to brave the post office now.  Wish me luck!

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