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Yes, the house did sell.  Closing was last Tuesday, although the funding and finality weren’t ours until Wednesday.

Ten years ago, we bought our first home, and five years later, we sold it to buy this house.  We’ve done a lot of work to this house: replace the termite-eaten wood under the front window, replace the window over the front door, new exterior paint, new roof, a gutter here and there…  By “we,” I mean the men we hired to do these things…or the men the insurance companies hired.  Our personal involvement was more limited: new paint, little fix-it jobs, moldings in the dining room, and the piece de resistance, the built-ins Jason made for the den.

On Tuesday morning, after delivering the boys to school, I did a last walk-through to make sure we hadn’t forgotten anything.  The day before, we’d discovered two kitchen drawers that had been overlooked, and a paintbrush soaking that Jason had used for some touching up.  On Tuesday, there was nothing left.


My stripes are still there, though.  I wish I could have brought them with me.  I’m sure you can’t tell, but they exactly match the stripe in the fabric of the roman shades.  I love doing that: choosing a fabric for a window treatment that draws in the furniture I don’t have the budget to change, then basing every paint color in the house on that piece of fabric.  It’s a simple and fun approach, and it usually turns out stunning.

Painting the stripes certainly wasn’t simple.  It was a true team effort between my parents and us.  I love those stripes.  I was happy and relieved to learn that the new owners love them, too, and they won’t be painted over any time soon.


So where does this leave us?  The boys and I are very comfortably ensconced in (and slowly taking over) my parents’ house.  Mom and Dad rearranged their lives to make room for us, moving offices and beds.  It’s quite a nice arrangement.  Jason heads back to Seattle tomorrow, where he will find a just-right job before sending for us.  The old phrase Dad used to tease me with as I left the house holds entirely new meaning for me now: “Write when you find work.”

We are houseless now, and it feels weird, but we’re not homeless.  No matter what occurs, we can take comfort in the fact that home really is where our hearts are, and our families hold our hearts.

For the time being, however, I still feel mildly unsettled.  I doubt that feeling will abate before we are firmly settled in our own new home, whenever that may be.

Well, I guess last week’s Week of Few Words ended up being Week of Few Posts.  Sadly, I didn’t finish as many of my list items as I had planned, even with less time spent blogging.

One new item was added to my list and subsequently crossed off: Mittens for Kalen.  He lost his gloves some time ago, and while he usually has extraordinarily warm hands, his fingers have gotten quite cold during outside play.  I finally searched out free mitten patterns (there aren’t many in crochet), and settled on these.  The first one turned out so cute.  Unfortunately, I misread the pattern and made the cuff much too small.  Not to worry, some toddler somewhere can use it, so it now has a partner and will go on the Mitten Tree at church.


I started on another pair for Kalen Sunday night, and they fit perfectly.  (pattern modification: 2 extra rows in the cuff)  He is so proud of his new mittens and happily wore them to school today.


We’ve been working steadily, if a bit slowly, on getting the house ready for market.  I even washed windows yesterday and today.  This is rare event in my life; in fact, I don’t know that I’ve ever washed outside windows before.  Vacuuming, paint touch-up, storage & organization, scrubbing, boxing up…it seems like a never-ending list.  However, bit by bit, it’s getting done, and we now have a deadline of Friday for Mom to come help us with the actual staging.

Thank goodness!  A looming deadline is just the kick in the pants I need…

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