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I couldn’t resist this little boy when I saw him on today’s I Heart Faces Fix-It Friday post.

See what I mean?  Look at those eyes!

(All work done in PSE 7.0.)  I tilted it very slightly to the left and ran two actions, both from CoffeeShop.  First, I had fun with Cross Processing, then I added the Perfect Portrait action.  I was careful, I hope, to make the eyes look pretty, but not fake.  I think I achieved frameability*.

*New word.  A photo worthy of printing, framing, and displaying!

Time for another challenge at I Heart Faces.  I took this one yesterday for my photography class.  The assignment was focus.

Be still, my heart.

(As usual, click on the photo for a full-sized, crisp version.)

I’m so glad I’m his mother and not one of the dozens of girls who will fall in love with him.

He’s mine, girls.  I saw him first.

Auditions for the role of daughter-in-law will be held in, oh, about 15 years.

Bring chocolate.

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