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Hmm…don’t ask me where the title came from.  I’m feeling punchy this morning.

Yesterday was pumpkin-carving day!

Kalen was the only one of us who didn’t want a template.  He guided me through the design of the face: round eyes (check!), eyeballs crossed (check!), round nose (check!), toothy grin (check!).

Nicky wanted a ghost and loved the first template we found.  I promise you, the pose in this picture is 100% his own.  He arranged himself carefully before picking up his jack-o-lantern, glancing over his shoulder and smiling “just so” while I got my camera out.

I think Jason enjoyed our trip to Seattle.  I designed this template at his request.

And, to continue my obsession with the presidential race, I downloaded a template from Yes We Carve.

The shiny pumpkin faces are a result of the advice I read to spray the cut parts of the pumpkins with cooking spray to help them last*.  It had the added benefit of easy pumpkin-goo cleaning from the faces, but I’m not so sure I like the shininess.

*The second part of the advice is to keep the pumpkins in the fridge at night, but I’ve been strongly discouraged by my hubby.  For some reason, he isn’t keen on throwing out our food in the name of pumpkin preservation.  Halloween scrooge!  😉

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