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Kalen wasn’t the only one who got a new haircut this week.

Nicolas was also in dire need.

Again, doesn’t look so bad in the photo.

Keep in mind, however, that having hair down on his forehead bugs the heck out of him.  His favorite way of remedying it?  Splitting it right in the middle.

No, I [thankfully] don’t have any photos of that.

Upon seeing the red tint going into Kalen’s hair, an emphatic, “NO WAY!  Do NOT put any of that stuff into my hair!  I just want a NORMAL haircut!” came out of his mouth.

This child really reminds me of a little girl I once knew.

Man, she was square.

I hear she’s lightened up a bit since those days.

Although, she does tend to use expressions that were outdated long before she was born.


Normal, yes.

Square, no.

Handsome, oh yes.

It was time for hair cuts.

Especially for Kalen.

Wow, okay.  The picture actually makes his curls look sort of cute.  Trust me, though.  They were a mess.

Tangled.  As my mother would say, “a rats’ nest.”

And not in that cool, just-out-of-bed look that the teenage boys are wearing these days.  Just plain ol’ messy.

Plus, he hated his hair being so long.  He’s been begging for a haircut for weeks months quite a while.

He’s also been mentioning wanting to dye his hair.  Black would be preferable.

Yeah, no.

When you’re in high school, kiddo.

But then…the hair stylist heard his pleas and took pity.

Did you see it?

How about that time?

Now I know you saw it.

Yep, my baby’s got red tips.  What a cool product!  It comes out with shampoo.  More subtle than the sprays you get a the costume shop.  Healthier than dyeing.

Shh, don’t tell him, but I think I’m going to buy him a couple of tubes for his birthday.

Because, really.  Who can resist this level of cute?

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