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Various comments and statuses on Facebook have gotten me thinking recently.  A lot.

What I wish I had the guts to type in the Comments boxes:

  • There is no such thing as a War on Christmas.  It doesn’t exist, at least here in the U.S.  Stop the fear-mongering.  PLEASE.
  • The fact that I am a liberal does not mean I automatically agree with everything Michael Moore says.  Stop lumping all liberals together.  Hell, stop lumping all conservatives together.  It makes no sense.  We.  Are.  Individuals.
  • I say, “Happy Holidays.”  I also say, “Merry Christmas” to people I know celebrate Christmas, “Happy Hanukkah” to people I know celebrate Hanukkah, “Happy Solstice” to practically everyone, and “Ahoy, Matey!” on Talk Like a Pirate Day.  Which part of this makes me a terrorist?
  • Oh, you might have meant that terrorist thing as a joke?  It’s not funny.
  • Your status is offensive and hurts my feelings.  I thought you were more open-minded than that.
  • Saying “Merry Christmas” is not ‘The American Way.’  Methinks you need to go to a local college and take a course in Constitutional Law.  Or a course on the history of world religion.  Or, come to think of it, both.

What I posted instead:

  • “It’s in every one of us to be wise.  Find your heart.  Open up both your eyes.”*

    You know, not being Christian does not make me un-American, anti-American, or a terrorist.  Happy Holidays, everyone!  Love and peace to all, all year ’round.

What I learned:

  • Holding love and peace in your heart can help melt some hurt away, but the support of friends melts it away almost completely.

*This quote is from one of my favorite Christmas Albums.  Oh. My. Gosh.  The videos of the original special are on YouTube!  They weren’t up the last time I looked!  I know what I’m showing the boys this weekend…

Wow.  I know the story of Alfie and the songs by heart, because they’re on the CD, but the bit in the middle with John and Kermit…it had been too many decades…Sniff…


  • I didn’t turn my computer on all weekend, which suited me fine at the time, but I still felt compelled to catch up on the tweeting, facebooking, and RSS’ing of it all yesterday and today.
  • I found a couple of new-to-me blogs here and here, and I’m enjoying wasting time being inspired by them.
  • If we had had any doubts about the move across country (which we hadn’t), they would have been washed away over the past few days of parent-teacher conferences.  The boys are excelling, and Nicolas, especially, is making more progress academically than I have ever seen him do.  I am so proud.
  • I found the fabric I wanted for the boys’ room on clearance for $1.99/yd at Ikea and foam core at half price at Michael’s this weekend.  Nifty simple pelmet, here we come!
  • Ironic Thanksgiving story of the year: We are having our first vegetarian Thanksgiving this year, having been graciously invited to a friend of a friend’s house on the big day.  I promised Jason some Turkey on Saturday, so I bought a breast when they were on sale a couple of weeks ago.  Yesterday, a friend who doesn’t cook turkey called to offer us the free one she’d received at the grocery store.  Today, Jason won a free one at work.  We are overrun (in a totally blessed way!) with turkeys.  (Which are being stored at our friends’ house, because they have a stand-alone freezer, and we have the smallest freezer known to humankind.)  They will come in very handy for dinners in the New Year.
  • I’m excited for Friday.  We’re decorating a little earlier this year than we have in the past, because we’ll be out of town for ten days around Christmastime, and we want to enjoy our decorations for as long as possible.  It was Jason’s suggestion, and I love it.  (I think he would’ve decorated a couple of weeks ago for this reason, but he knew better than to suggest to me that we decorate before Thanksgiving.  Smart man.)
  • The latest Muppet video on YouTube has gone insanely viral today (I’ve seen it on three blogs and many more Tweets).  I love it.  It is quintessential, classic Muppet, especially in the very last note of the song and in the little piece directly afterward.

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