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How his little brother could go all the way across the monkey bars?

And he couldn’t?







Umm, perhaps a new goal is in order?

How about this?

Darned inspirational little brothers!

Nicolas has now had two sessions with his new Occupational Therapist (OT).  Emily is awesome, as we suspected she would be.  At his last session, Nicolas shared with her that his new goal was to go all the way across the monkey bars.  (He sees her mainly for hand and upper body strength issues.)  You see, his little brother recently managed to go all the way across, and darnit, he wanted to, too!

This whole “wanting to try things that are hard” is somewhat new to Nicolas.  I think I’ve covered it briefly before.  I’m both floored by and ecstatic to welcome this new aspect of his personality.

Anyway, back to OT.  Emily gave Nicolas this chart at the end of his last session:

Once he works his way around the track, he earns some sort of prize.  Or a sticker towards a prize.  Or something.  I’m not privy to the details, but that’s okay.

Yesterday afternoon, we relaxed in front of the first episode of Top Chef On Demand (something else Nicolas is very excited about: watching Top Chef), and he multitasked by tying his shoes, buttoning a shirt, and snapping a pair of shorts over and over.

Today, we tackled those other two pink stars.  But those each deserve their own posts.

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